How to Write an Excellent Psychology Essay: A Detailed Guide

If you have chosen Psychology as your major, be prepared for writing numerous essays. Are you fond of Psychology but writing isn’t your strong point? You aren’t the only one who finds it difficult to write Psychology essays. Some students entrust this task to professional custom writers and buy finished essays while others spend hours or even days learning the peculiarities of essay writing. Lack of time to read the book on how to write an impressive paper? You’ve come to the right place. We offer you to check this useful step-by-step guide for writing a good quality essay, which will be of great use for the beginners.

What is a psychology essay:
A clear picture of it

The main purpose of writing a psychology essay paper is to conduct research on why people behave in a certain way. A psychology paper is a piece of writing that covers a lot of concepts and scientific research. Writing this kind of paper supposes you to include not only citation from literature but also your personal interpretation of the research results. The task of the essay paper writer is to demonstrate how he or she understands a certain situation and explain the possible reasons for such a reaction of a person.

How to organize the process of psychology essay writing?

The process of writing an essay paper doesn’t differ much from writing any other kind of essay. It means you should include the same structural elements every academic paper should consist of: an introduction, the main body, the conclusion. Follow the tips below to craft each section of your essay the best way.

  • Write an eye-catching opening paragraph. To attract your reader, you need to find some interesting facts or statistics. For example, you may start like this “Scientists at the Swedish Institute conducted a study using positron emission tomography and found out surprising similarities between the thought processes in patients with schizophrenia and in creative people.” After reading such an introduction, the reader will definitely wonder what kind of similarities the researchers found and how to distinguish a person diagnosed schizophrenia from a person who is able to brainstorm creative ideas.
  • Include a research hypothesis. Any kind of research academic report should contain a hypothesis the writer will prove. A psychology paper isn’t an exception.
  • Develop the key idea of your paper. In the main body, you’re supposed to tell about the main concepts discussed in the paper as well as their interpretation. Remember that the solutions to the problems you examine should have a solid ground. Use credible information sources to find powerful arguments. Keep in mind cause-and-effect connection when considering a situation and a response from the person.
  • Finish the essay paper with the conclusion. The final part of an essay paper should contain a brief summary of the key points. Make sure that the reader doesn’t have any questions after he/she reads your research paper. The most common way to finish an essay is with the words “In conclusion”. It’s how you can help the reader to concentrate attention on your final thoughts.
  • Add a list of references on a separate page. A solid essay should contain a bibliography with the works used for paper writing. Include only credible sources of information that can be of use for a student or a researcher. Make sure you have done everything right following APA format guidelines. Check the citation guide before citing books, articles, etc.

Now, it’s time for editing your essay. Never submit a paper without editing and proofreading to avoid errors.

Useful tips on how to choose the right psychology topic + 10 winning topic ideas

To choose the topic that will bring you an A-grade, you need to follow the tips below:

  • Choose an essay topic you feel passionate about.
  • Avoid broad psychology essay topics.
  • Choose a specific psychology area you’ll be able to research in detail.
  • Use psychology databases to find a credible scientific article.

If you have been assigned to compose an essay on a certain topic, conduct thorough research to make sure you have a clear understanding of what you should focus on. In case, your tutor allowed you to choose any essay topic you like to follow the tips above.

Check the best topics ideas to get inspired for writing an interesting essay.

  • The influence of psycho-physiological characteristics on learning success.
  • The development of psychological readiness for motherhood.
  • The influence of adolescent subcultures on social behavior.
  • The relationship of manifestations of curiosity and the level of the intellectual development of adolescents.
  • Correction of teen anxiety by means of art therapy.
  • Features of the formation of self-esteem of students with intellectual disabilities.
  • The indicator of emotional activity and the risk of addiction in adolescents.
  • Psychological support of the rehabilitation process of a schizophrenic patient.
  • The peculiarities of the temperament type of twins.
  • Teenage shyness: causes and means of correction.


FAQ about how to write a successful psychology essay

Before you get started, you’re recommended to check the answers to the most
frequently asked questions about essay writing.

What should I write about in the essay paragraphs?

You need to start each paragraph with a new concept or idea. The number of essay paragraphs may vary, depending on the number of concepts you’re going to consider. In general, the main body should contain 3-4 paragraphs. Remember that each concept should be supported by some strong evidence, otherwise, it’ll sound as your personal point of view.

How to get a positive grade for my essay paper?

Your paper will be evaluated positively if you structure the paper properly and reveal the topic to a full extent. An A-grade is given for essays that contain valuable research, interesting facts, and the writer’s interpretation based on scientific evidence.

How to write a strong essay conclusion?

Just restate the thesis statement you’ve included in the introductory part. Avoid writing long conclusions. You need to write several sentences, which would remind your reader of the initial purpose of writing the essay paper and will explain how the reader can apply the gained knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Writing a psychology essay/coursework/term paper is one of the most interesting assignments. But the extensive research requires a lot of time and efforts. Hope that the tips above will help you to create a well-researched project. Don’t get upset if you lack the time for conducting research and analysis. Today, you can order essay papers from a reputable company providing you with the confidentiality policy. Hope our tips will help you to write a great paper by yourself.