What is Learning?

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Chapter 5 – Learning (Learning about learning and you had better learn well!) Add your own notes – jot down things to ask in class. We will have the test on Thursday October 30!

  1. What is Learning?

    1. Definition – Learning is a relatively permanent change in behavior that arises from practice or experience.

    2. Cognitive psychologists believe that learning may not actually change behavior, but will result in a mental change.

  2. Classical Conditioning - occurs when two or more stimuli are presented together until the subject acquires the capacity to have a response to what was once a neutral stimulus.

    1. Main Proponents:

      1. Ivan Pavlov – discovered reflexes can be learned through associations. (Experiments with salivating dogs! People who blindly follow orders without understanding why are sometimes referred to as being Pavlovian.)

      2. John Watson – Most known for his study of “Little Albert.” Learned a great deal about stimulus generalization through this experiment.

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