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Web 2.0 Tools and Software to Help You Study

The Main Points

The range of software and online tools available to help you in your studies is growing all the time.

A lot of software is widely available or free to download. This guide highlights a few of the most helpful

There are also online tools to help you gather information as you research coursework and to keep up to date with your subject area in general. This guide recommends some of the best.

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How good are you at the moment?

Do you find it easy to stay focused and organised as you

research online?

Yes: You are able to resist all the distractions when you are surfing the web and can focus on the information you have set out to find.

No: You find it easy to gather more and more information without really deepening your knowledge or recording the details of your sources that you will need for referencing.

For groupwork exercises, are you able to meet altogether?

Yes: You are an effective organiser and leader, able to keep everyone in your group co-ordinated..

No: It is easy to find the different schedules of the members of your group make it difficult to meet. This guide has recommendations to help, including an online meeting scheduler and collaborative office tools, so you can work together even if you cannot actually be together.

Do you keep up to date with your subject area through the websites for professional organisations, etc?

Yes: You regularly visit the websites for the lead organisations in your subject area and subscribe to their RSS feeds to get updates. You also follow key people on Twitter and LinkedIn.

No: You concentrate on finding information relevant to each piece of coursework in turn and you are still to find the opportunity to develop a habit of checking latest developments in your subject on a regular basis.

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