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Pulp Fiction (movie), 33, Quake (video game, rap music, 64–65
Raschke, Carl, ratings system as barring children from movies, and censorship, debate over, and “down-rating,” as ineffective, need for consistent, parents using, 26, separating good from bad violence,
as stifling, television, and warning labels, for video games, 93
Reisman, Judith A, Rich, Frank, 34–35
Rockford Files (TV show), 54
Rolfe, Dick, 85
Rosen, Hilary, 63
Rosenfield, Anne, 63
Rosenthal, Joe, 20
Rosenthal, Sam, 20–21
Sabey, Ron, 85
Saltzman, Joe, 15
Saving Private Ryan (movie), 123
Schindler’s List (movie), school shootings, as aberrations, media violence influencing, as worsening, 68–69
see also Columbine shootings
Schorr, Daniel, 44–45
Scream (movie), 52
Screen It (website, 111–12
Seven (movie), 53
Shakespeare, William, Smith, Benjamin, 47
Sommers, Christina Hoff, Sony, 59
Southan, Rhys, 111
South Park (cartoon), 20, 103
Spicer, Keith, 140
Star Trek (movie), 97
Star Wars (movie), 97
Stein, Sara, 97
Steussay, Joseph, Stone, Oliver, stories, and electronic revolution, and rise of literacy, three types of, 129–30
Stossel, Scott, Sui, Anna, 21, 22
Surette, Ray, 13
Tashjian, TL, Tate, Sharon, teens are not alienated and troubled, music influencing attitudes and behavior of, positive influence of music on, and ratings system, 57–58
see also children
Telecommunications Act (1996), 13–14, television changing viewing habits of, crime overrepresented in, for preschoolers, ratings system for, 13–14, 100
see also television violence television violence and advertising, call for restraining violence in, 59, cleaning up, in court, common defenses of, consequences of watching, government curbing, impact on children, 23, incentives for, vs. influence of music, media literacy for, need for reforming, number of violent acts witnessed by children on, 13, prevalence of, 29–30
Violence in the Media
ViolenceintheMedia 2/25/04 3:50 PM Page 154

relationship with actual violence, distorted research on, sends amoral message, viewers boycotting, voluntary code of conduct for, 116
see also media violence news media
Theyskens, Olivier, 22
Thomlan, Elizabeth, 15
Time-Warner, 53, tobacco wars, 114
Understanding and Preventing Violence
(Nation Research Council report, University of Miami, 30, US. Supreme Court, 38–39, Valenti, Jack, 72, 101, 111
V-chip, 14, in Canada, debate overdoes not teach critical thinking, as ineffective, 36, parental control with, 26, video games are not the problem of juvenile violence,
education and legislation on, and First Amendment protection, marketing of, 92–93, practice killing through, rating system for, and school shootings, as similar to military murder simulators,
used by boys vs. girls, violence in, 14, 19–20
Video Software Dealers Association v.
Webster, 39
violence by adults, as human nature, inadequate gun control causing, 44, as portrayed in entertainment history, 40
see also juvenile violence media violence television violence
Violence in America (Goldstein), Vivid Video, Walker, Jesse, 119
Wass, Hannelore, 64
Whitney v. California, 43
Winters v. New York, 38–39, 42
“Wolfenstein D (video game, 19
Woodham, Luke, 14, Wurst, Andrew, youth. See children; teens youth violence correlation with violent films, 52–53
see also school shootings
ViolenceintheMedia 2/25/04 3:50 PM Page 155

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