Videotaping and Rating Your Own Sessions: Two Valuable Ways to Improve the Quality of Therapy

Evaluation and Growth as a Therapist: Rating Your Own Sessions

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Evaluation and Growth as a Therapist: Rating Your Own Sessions

The Achievement of Therapeutic Objectives Scale (ATOS)

The Achievement of Therapeutic Objectives Scale (ATOS) has been developed as a research tool for coding psychotherapy sessions. In addition to being a powerful instrument for measuring psychotherapy processes, coding therapy sessions is the best method we have found for training new therapists to do STDP. Every year a new group of graduate students, psychiatry residents, and research therapists comes to our research program and is trained on this scale. Also, training and research with the ATOS scale is also being conducted at the University in Trondheim, Norway, under the direction of Tore Stiles and Leigh McCullough, and in the Department of Psychology at Temple University under the direction of Michael Bridges. Almost universally, both trainees and experienced clinicians have told us that watching and coding sessions is one of the best ways they have ever experienced to learn to do psychotherapy.

The ATOS rates seven variables, each on a 1-100 scale. A Brief Rating Guide for the scales, which breaks each rating into 20-point intervals, is available on this web site. The scores reflect the the degree to which each of the therapeutic objectives has been met.

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