University of Texas of the Permian Basin Counseling, College of Education coun 6378. 501 Group Process in Counseling psyc 6312. 501 Group Psychotherapy Tuesdays ● 7: 05pm–9: 45pm Spring 2017

Experiential Activity and Group Critique

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Experiential Activity and Group Critique: Each student will have an opportunity to facilitate group. Students will sign up on a designated day. Students will bring a short experiential activity to share on the day that they will facilitate the group. Students should prepare a single page description for each activity including: Title of the activity; Purpose of the activity and how it could be related to group populations (age, format…); List of materials needed; Appropriate citation; Specific directions; Bring enough copies for all class members and the instructor; Demonstrate the activity with the group members, etc.
Group Critique: You will complete one self-critique on your experience leading a group. This critique should be 5-9 pages. Students are expected to use information from the textbook as well as from selected supplemental text in the self-critique. The self-critique is due one week after you lead the group. This critique should include (at a minimum and in no particular order):

  1. A general discussion of your comfort in the room,

  2. A discussion of the group’s dynamics (e.g., problem clients, group cohesion),

  3. Discussion of specific examples of at least two curative factors displayed in the group,

  4. A discussion of your demonstrated areas of strength, and

  5. A discussion of your demonstrated areas for improvement and growth.

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