University of Texas of the Permian Basin Counseling, College of Education coun 6378. 501 Group Process in Counseling psyc 6312. 501 Group Psychotherapy Tuesdays ● 7: 05pm–9: 45pm Spring 2017

Assignments and Evaluation Procedures

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Assignments and Evaluation Procedures

Grades for this course will be assigned based on an average of points derived from attendance, assignments, and participation:


Preparation & Participation 20%

Individual Journal 15%

Experiential Group 15%

Group Proposal & Presentation 25%

Experiential Activity & Self Critique 25%

Total available points 100%

Graduate courses:

A 93 – 100%

B 85 – 92%

C 77 – 84%

D no grades of “D” are given

Instructions for Specific Assignments

Preparation and Participation: Attendance is defined as being present at the start of class, being in class during class time, and staying until the end of class. You May not sign the attendance sheet if it has already been submitted to the instructor. You cannot miss more than 10% of the courses. The policy allows for two (2) absences. Any absence missed after two (2) absences will result in loss of credit for the course. Students must participate in discussions such that their preparation for class is evident. You will be responsible for reading the text and for evaluation taking notes, using the various course PowerPoints to guide you. Active participation and professional courtesy are expected. A general guide for in-class participation follows:




Proactive participation: Respectively listens when others talk, actively contribute to class by offering ideas, asking questions, and never displaying disruptive behaviors


Reactive participation: Follow-up contributions, but relying on others’ reactions and studies, or just reflecting on opinion rather than exploration, contemplation, and study.

Minimally Acceptable

Present and awake, but only passively participation, not actively involved


Present, but not attentive, irrelevant contributions that inhibit the progress of the class, displaying disruptive behavior and unwilling ness to learn.

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