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Unit Outine

Unit name

Social Psychology


Semester: 2

Campus: Crawley

Unit Coordinator: Vance Locke


Psychology 312 covers many topics in social psychology which you have met before - aggression, attitudes, attributions, helping, relationships, cross cultural and the self. It represents, however, a considerable extension on any social psychology you may have done in Psychology 100 and Psychology 202.

The material covered in this course is only part of picture that you will see developing in 3rd year. It draws on many other areas of psychology (e.g., cognition, developmental, clinical) and contributes to our understanding of the individual in a social context. Most of the research you will have seen so far looks at the individual in isolation from their surroundings: all the better to control extraneous variables. But of course, people don’t really live in a social vacuum. The way we feel, the people we meet, our attitudes and the people around us, all help construct our social reality and guide our thinking. The research you learn about and the skills you develop through the laboratory sessions should help you construct a more complete picture of the social being.
Of course this material also has its pragmatic benefits. On the one hand, you will see many applications of the research covered in the course for your day-to-day life. Topics such as Prejudice and Aggression should further your understanding of wider social issues that you encounter almost daily. And, of course, many of the skills you acquire in data analysis and research design will be useful when applying for jobs that require evaluation and implementation of programs in organizational and social settings.

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