Unit 1: Study Guide History and Approaches

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Unit 1: Study Guide

History and Approaches

The unit traces the emergence of scientific psychology in the nineteenth century from its roots in philosophy and physiology, and covers the development of the major “schools” of psychology, showing how these schools differed in what they viewed as the proper subject matter of psychology and the methods they used to study it. This historical introduction helps us gain an understanding of the primary approaches to psychology: Behavioral, Biological, Cognitive, Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Evolutionary/Sociobiological, and Sociocultural.

CR1: The course provides instruction in psychology’s history and approaches.

Text: Prologue, pp. 1 – 14

Student Resources: Flashcards on text site www.worthpublishers.com/myers8e

Timeline: 2 days

Key Terms

Psychology Empiricism Structuralism Functionalism

Nature and Nurture Natural selection Neuroscience Evolutionary

Behavior Genetics Psychodynamic Behavioral Cognitive

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