Unit 1 – What is Health Promotion

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Unit 4 – Introduction

Health Promotion Theories and Models

Congratulations, you have reached the final unit and session of this Module. The focus is on theories and models which are relevant to Health Promotion. You may wonder why it is necessary to study theories when you are a practitioner in the field, but as you are probably aware, much practice is informed by theory and can be improved and developed through applying theories.
If you feel unsure of the difference between theories and models, you will have a chance to study this question in the first part of this session. However, you may be interested in the reasons for our introducing models and theories at this point of the module.
Theories combine understandings gained from past practice and suggest what is likely to happen in future situations. They also help us to organise complexity in our practice. Models offer the possibility of creating order out of the chaos of practice and can assist us as health promoters to design interventions based on the commonalities observed in the experiences of others.
In this Unit there is one Study Session which will take you about three hours.
Study Session 1: Applying Health Promotion Theories and Models to Practice
The intended outcomes are listed below, but in reality, the most important outcome for you will be to be able to plan a health promoting intervention using the common wisdom and guidance of theories and models developed in the field to date: this is what the Assignment seeks to assess.
Learning outcomes of Unit 4

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