Unit 1 – Introduction

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Unit 3 - Introduction

Policy and Environmental Interventions


Welcome to Unit 3. This unit focuses on intervention strategies for alcohol problems targeted at a broad or environmental level. Broad, environmental approaches are the essence of the role of the Health Promoter or Public Health practitioner and have great potential for a broad range impact at national, regional or community level, particularly since alcohol problems derive from a reciprocally broad range of determinants.

Although Session 1 focuses on policies and Session 2 on environmental changes, this is really an artificial separation, since many environmental changes depend on legislation to drive them.
By now, you will be aware that the argument for broad impact strategies also arises out of the understanding that some of the highest levels of harm are caused not necessarily by individual dependent drinkers, but also by moderate drinkers who engage intermittently in high risk drinking practices. In addition, an environmental approach takes account of the diversity of societies, and places potential safety nets at different levels for reducing the harm caused by alcohol.
Within this Unit, you will also be reminded of key steps in the planning and implementation of programmes. Session 1 incorporates community mobilisation processes, Session 2 includes collection of relevant data on which to base a prevention programme, and Session 3 includes monitoring and evaluation activities.
There are three Study Sessions in this unit:
Study Session 1: Control through Policy.

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