Undergraduate Medical Education Program Evaluation Strategy

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2.1.3 Reflective

The UGME Program Evaluation Strategy is designed to promote reflective practice. As part of the reflective process, Phase/Course Coordinators are required to respond to student feedback. In this way, the evaluation will be central to curricular change and ongoing program development (Hendry, Cumming, Lyon, & Gordon, 2001; Louie et al., 1996; Spratt & Walls, 2003).

2.1.4 Student Involvement

Similar to evaluation strategies currently employed by the University of Manitoba and the University of British Columbia, the UGME Program Evaluation Strategy is characterized by considerable student involvement. As such, it facilitates curricular improvement and student learning through the integration of the curriculum planning and change processes (Louie et al., 1996). Students are actively involved in the ongoing evaluation and monitoring of courses and clinical rotations. They are encouraged to express their opinions and to provide feedback on content and pedagogical strategies as well as to make suggestions for improving the exchange of information.

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