Undergraduate Medical Education Program Evaluation Strategy

Phase D - 67 Weeks in Year Three (Term Two) and Year Four

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Phase D - 67 Weeks in Year Three (Term Two) and Year Four
This is the Clinical Clerkship, during which students are assigned to a series of core, selective and elective clinical rotations. (Selectives are chosen from a defined set of options. Electives can be done in any discipline.) Theses provide the opportunity to apply what they have been learning in the day-to-day provision of patient care. As they demonstrate increasing clinical competence, they are given more responsibility for direct, supervised patient management. Clinical clerks at the University of Saskatchewan are known by the unique acronym of JURSI – Junior Undergraduate Rotation Student Intern.
To ensure that all students receive a robust clerkship experience with ample patient interaction, approximately 1/3 of the students are based at the Regina site for their Clinical Clerkship.
The core rotations include Anesthesiology (2 weeks); Family Medicine (6 weeks); Emergency Medicine (2 weeks); Internal Medicine, including Geriatrics and Neurosciences (12 weeks); Surgery (8 weeks), Obstetrics & Gynecology (6 weeks); Pediatrics (6 weeks); and Psychiatry (6 weeks). There are 12 weeks of elective time, usually done in 4-week blocks, and four weeks of selective time. There are 6 weeks of vacation, including two weeks over the Christmas/New Year break.
Students completing their final year of undergraduate studies are eligible to sit Part I of the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination – the MCCQE (Canadian licensure also requires that they pass MCCQE Part II, which occurs in the fall of the second postgraduate year).
Successful completion of Phase D leads to graduation with the Doctor of Medicine degree. Students are then eligible to move on to postgraduate clinical education in programs of the College of Family Physicians of Canada or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

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