Title Socio-Economic Impact of Reducing Premature Adult Mortality: The Case of Antiretroviral Treatment for hiv/aids patients Abstract

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Title Socio-Economic Impact of Reducing Premature Adult Mortality: The Case of Antiretroviral Treatment for HIV/AIDS Patients


The objective of this research is to measure the socio-economic impact of reductions in adult mortality due to HIV/AIDS at the household level. To do this, this study will examine the socio-economic benefits of anti-retroviral therapy. Over and above prolonging lives which is the first-order benefit of treatment, the distribution of anti-retroviral therapy is expected to produce a socioeconomic benefit for the entire household: both the patient and the family members who were giving him care should be able to return to the labor market, children might be able to return to school, the welfare of the family should increase. We will also carefully analyze whether those impacts vary across genders. Our evaluation will measure these effects, using a set of longitudinal household and health facility surveys being conducted in several countries. It will also attempt to determine under which conditions these socio-economic effects can be maximized, by comparing different delivery modes and assessing which ones are more likely to not only promote adherence and postpone the development of resistance, but also to maximize the socio-economic benefits of ART.

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