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Faculty feedback :( Based on likert’s scale) :- table-1

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Faculty feedback :( Based on likert’s scale) :- table-1

All 9 faculty members of department of general medicine (100%) answered the questionnaire based on likert’s scale.(Table-1).

55.55% of faculty members agreed that OSCE covered a wide range of knowledge compared with conventional examination.66% of teachers agreed that OSCE compelled the students to learn different procedures in details.44% of teachers agreed that OSCE specifically highlighted the weak and strong part of subject.66% of faculty members agreed that OSCE assessed the various domain of student’s knowledge in better way compared with conventional examination.88% of teachers agreed that Checklist in OSCE provided a fair system of marking which removed variability of examiner.44% of teachers agreed that OSCE was exhausting and lengthy compared with conventional examination.33% of teachers found OSCE is more stressful compared with conventional examination. But overall 88% of faculty member found that OSCE should be followed as method of assessment in General Medicine in all coming internal examinations.

Advantages of OSCE according to faculty members:

  1. Improves clinical skills & knowledge of students.

  1. Help to improve teaching learning process.

  2. Students will learn clinical skills required .

Disadvantage of OSCE according to faculty members:

1. Comprehensive assessment may not be possible as we have to follow Performa.

2. Only specific questions are to be asked as in Performa.

3. Preparation of stations requires expenses and time; continuous process

4. A pattern of questions may be formed and students will study only concerned topics.

5. More resources (examiners, time) required for preparation.

Suggestions by teachers to make OSCE more effective:
1. Examiners should get a chance to ask questions related to stations which are not there in


2. Teaching and assessment should go hand in hand

3. Some modifications should be done in OSCE and can be implemented (OSCE + Traditional

Practical Examination)

  1. Higher level of OSCE should be conducted for student with distinction.

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