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Type of study – Cross sectional
Study setting - Department of General Medicine, IGIMS Medical College Patna
Study population -- All 8th semester students and teachers of department of General Medicine.
Period of Study : 4 months
Inclusion criteria: Willing to participate in study
Exclusion criteria: Not willing to participate in study
The teachers of General Medicine department were briefed and sensitized through power point presentation about the concepts of OSCE and then they were invited for intervention. Similarly the 8th semester students were briefed and sensitized about OSCE. With the help of faculties and residents of General Medicine department various stations were decided for OSCE examinations. At the end of 8th semester OSCE was conducted with 8 stations. Some important Stations were following—

  1. Elicit the planter reflex in patient.

  2. Measure the liver span of patient.

  3. Examine for pulse deficit and write the pulse deficit of patient.

  4. Per cuss the traube space.

  5. Elicit the shifting dullness in patient.

  6. Comment on facie of the patient.

Immediate feedback regarding this method of examination was taken. Perceptions of students and teachers were collected with suitable statements. Their suggestions and remarks were also collected.


The views and perceptions of teachers and students were noted with the help of Performa containing related statements. Performa was separate for teachers and students. Likert’s scale was applied to know their degree of agreement with the statements. The present study was conducted in 84 students of 8th semester and the 9 teachers of department of General Medicine, IGIMS, Patna. The study aimed to know the perceptions of the teachers and students regarding OSCE. Table 1 and table 2 shows the perspectives of teachers and students respectively. However they were also asked to mention any advantages, disadvantages as well as give some suggestion for making this examination more effective as mentioned below.

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