Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (triz)

The TRIZ Process Step-By-Step

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3.1 The TRIZ Process Step-By-Step

As mentioned above, Altshuller felt an acceptable theory of invention should be familiar enough to inventors by following the general approach to problem solving shown in figure 1. A model was constructed as shown in figure 4.

Figure 4. TRIZ Approach to Problem Solving.

3.1.1 Step 1. Identifying My Problem.

Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman, principles TRIZ scientists at the American company Ideation and students of Altshuller have developed an "Innovative Situation Questionnaire" to identify the engineering system being studied, its operating environment, resource requirements, primary useful function, harmful effects, and ideal result.

Example: A beverage can. An engineered system to contain a beverage. Operating environment is that cans are stacked for storage purposes. Resources include weight of filled cans, internal pressure of can, rigidity of can construction. Primary useful function is to contain beverage. Harmful effects include cost of materials and producing can and waste of storage space. Ideal result is a can that can support the weight of stacking to human height without damage to cans or beverage in cans.

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