Theory and technique of family therapy

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Instructor: Daniel Hettleman, Ph.D.

2011-2012 Academic Year

Fridays 9:00-11:00am


  1. To facilitate understanding and gain practice with techniques unique to working with families.

  2. To learn historical and theoretical approaches to family therapy.

  3. To provide exposure to the unique aspects of systemic approaches to psychotherapy.


First Quarter:

  1. Do all of the reading (approximately 120 pages per week)

  1. Come to class prepared to discuss readings

  1. Write a short paper (approximately 6-8 pages) applying theories and techniques you have learned in this class to a case you are working on. DUE NOVEMBER 11

  2. 2-3 pages describing the case

  3. 4-5 pages applying theories/techniques to the case – developing hypotheses and possible interventions

  4. One of you may get out of this requirement by typing up a description of a case for the whole class by October 17th, and allowing the class to discuss the case on October 21st

Second Quarter:

  1. Begin seeing one family, either as therapists or reflecting team members

  1. Share with your friends:
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