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This article summarises the main conclusions of the ‘Maastricht study’. Through 2004, QCA led the international consortium that prepared a research report for the European Commission’s DG Education and Culture, analysing the contribution of VET to achieving the Lisbon goal. The Maastricht study influenced the framing of the Maastricht Communiqué, which the European education ministers agreed in December 2004, and provided a basis for the VET conferences held in Maastricht under the Dutch EU presidency. The summary is organised under the following sections:
The potential of VET as an aspect of European cooperation;

The current state of play and progress of VET towards achieving the Lisbon goal;

Innovation in VET teaching and learning;


The evidence base for the analysis contained in the study is based on the self-assessment reports that the Directors General for VET (DGVTs) of 31 European countries completed for the research, using the questionnaire that the researchers designed. In addition, expert analysts prepared independent reports on VET developments in 30 countries, and the research team examined a wide range of reports that have been published at the European and international level. Enlargement of the EU took place during the time this study was being conducted, so the study covered all 25 EU member states. The study also covered the EEA countries - Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein - as well as three candidate countries, namely Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

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