The Impact of Family & Technology Issues on Sales Careers

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Work-Family Conflict & Technology Issues on Sales Careers: Differences by Travel Requirements
Barbara A. Schuldt, Ph.D., CCP

Associate Professor of Management

Department of Management

Southeastern Louisiana University

Jeffrey W. Totten, D.B.A., PCM

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Department of Management, Marketing, and General Business

McNeese State University

Duane Donald, M.B.A.

Special Assistant to the Provost

Southeastern Louisiana University
Andree C. Taylor, M.B.A.

Instructor of Management

Department of Management

Southeastern Louisiana University

The purpose of this article is to report on a study that looked at work-family conflicts, technology issues, and travel requirements. The purpose of the study was two-fold: first, to compare employees’ perceptions toward work-family conflict stress by whether or not they had to travel as part of their job; and second, to compare employees’ perceptions of the impact of information technology and security issues on their lives by whether or not they had to travel as part of their job. Data was collected via the snowball sampling process, and resulted in 150 usable questionnaires. Significant differences by travel requirements were identified in terms of length of employment, use of technology at home for job-related work, and attitudes toward work-family conflict issues.

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