The Advances in the History of Cognitive Dissonance Theory

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International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Vol. 1 No. 6; June

The Advances in the History of Cognitive Dissonance Theory

Irem Metin
Middle East Technical University
Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology
Ankara/ Turkey 06800
E-mail:, Phone:
+90 535 4457756

Selin Metin Camgoz
Hacettepe University, Iktisadi Idari Bilimler
Beytepe Kampusu
Çankaya Ankara/Turkey Email, Phone +90 542 2162939

This paper presents the advances in the history of cognitive dissonance theory. Cognitive dissonance has been
one of the most influential and widely studied phenomena in the history of social psychology. The theory
proposes that when people experience psychological discomfort (dissonance, they strive to reduce it through
either changing behaviors and cognitions or adding new cognitive elements. The theory has been revised by
researchers who emphasize the role of self-concept in the arousal of dissonance. In the late s, the interest
in cognitive research faded. However, this opened anew era of mini-theories which originate from cognitive
dissonance theory. A good synthesis of mini-theories in future studies will move the dissonance theory further
in explaining the conditions under which people strive towards consistency.

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