Technology and public participation Brian Martin, editor

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1 Introduction

by Brian Martin
I. Technologies shaping participation
15 Toys, play and participation

by Wendy Varney

commentaries by Lynne Bartholomew and Sudarshan Khanna

37 The telephone as a participatory mechanism at a local government level

by Lyn Carson

commentaries by Ann Moyal, Wendy Sarkissian and Monica Wolf

61 Lap-tops against communicative democracy: international non-governmental organisations and the World Bank

by Miriam Solomon
II. Public participation processes
85 The politics of jury competence

by Gary Edmond and David Mercer

commentaries by David Bernstein and Ian Freckelton

response by Gary Edmond and David Mercer
113 “Community participation” in urban project assessment (an ecofeminist analysis)

by Janis Birkeland

commentaries by Bronwyn Hayward and Paul Selman

response by Janis Birkeland
143 Coercive psychiatry, human rights and public participation

by Richard Gosden

commentaries by Chris Bowker, Peter Macdonald and Denise Russell

response by Richard Gosden
169 Public participation or public relations?

by Sharon Beder

commentaries by Gavan McDonell and Ben Selinger

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