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Mark Torchia, MD,

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Surgery and

Dept. of Human Anatomy & Cell Science

The University of Manitoba

Faculty of Medicine

Lori Wallace, Ph.D.,

Associate Dean (Degree Programs)

Director of Distance Education

The University of Manitoba

Faculty of Continuing Education

Section 1
Goals, objectives and organization of the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum
In the fall of 1997 a new curriculum was introduced at the University of Manitoba. The reorganization of the curriculum was a major revision, which involved rethinking the content and teaching methods utilized throughout the curriculum. In a review of the curriculum in 2000-2001 faculty members spoke about the challenges they faced in attempting to orientate themselves to their teaching roles and the curriculum itself as they are no longer responsible for only presenting information, but are also asked to take on other teaching roles such as facilitator or tutor to students who are directing their own problem solving and self directed learning. This first section of the handbook will attempt to orientate you to the undergraduate mission statement, learning goals and objectives as well as the primary teaching methodologies we utilize.

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