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The handbook would not have become a reality without the valuable contributions of our faculty and was supported by a grant from the University of Manitoba’s faculty development fund.

The Latin root for the word educate is educare, which means to lead out or bring up. Indeed, to teach medical students is to nurture their innate humanity and desire to learn medicine. But what makes a good teacher, medical or otherwise? Ask a few people to describe their favourite teachers and you’ll receive descriptors such as: excited about teaching, caring, interested that the students learn, passionate about their subject. Good teachers also teach both from and my example, balance information with application, and temper seriousness with humour. Moreover, good teachers also benefit from their students and reinforce their interest in the profession through students’ interest and enthusiasm.
Medical Education, has come into is to own as a specialized field of endeavour. Although the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada lists Scholar as one of its CanMEDS 2000 roles, simply being a physician does not make on a good teacher. This teaching handbook is an important tool for the physician who truly wants to be a first-rate medical educator. In becoming such a teacher your students, not only will learn medical excellence, they might also come to see you as a favourite educator as they grow to become physicians.

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