Teaching as Scholarship in Medical Education adlt 673, Section 901 Spring 2014 Course Director

Readings & Assignments To PREPARE Before Class

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Readings & Assignments To PREPARE Before Class

In-Class Learning Activities

Session 2

Feb 10, 2014


  • SoTL text, Chapters 2, 3, and 4

  • Complete the Generating Your Research Idea worksheet on pp. 38-40 before class.

  • Note: Bring a photocopy of the worksheet pages to submit for formative feedback from the instructors. Worksheets are not graded, except for completion & submission as part of your participation grade in the course.

Scholarly Teaching and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning /Steps in a SoTL project

  • Guest speaker, Dr. Pamela Knapp, former chair of the SOM P&T committee to talk about the Scholarship of Teaching and promotion/tenure review, 5:15-5:45 pm

  • Observations on the Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy (a SoTL conference): Roy Sabo and Fidelma Rigby

  • Developing a preliminary plan: what are you interested in studying?

  • Generating a research question

Session 3

Feb 17, 2014


*Worksheets on developing your research question submitted last week returned with feedback.

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