Teaching as Scholarship in Medical Education adlt 673, Section 901 Spring 2014 Course Director

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Data Analysis Plan

  • Describes data and how they will be prepared for analysis

  • Type of analysis to be performed

  • Indicates assistance that will be needed

  • Software or data analysis tools needed


Internal validity*

  • Threats to internal validity are described and addressed

  • Other plausible explanations (extraneous variables) that could account for results are described

  • Methods to control for threats to internal validity are described


External validity *

  • Potential limitations on the ability to generalize the findings of the study are described

  • Based on the desired characteristics of the sample and the sampling method, methods to control threats to external validity are discussed


Format and references

  • Includes at least six peer-reviewed references

  • All references cited in-text are included in the references section

  • No references are included in the references section that are not cited in-text

  • Appropriate writing style guidelines followed

  • Times New Roman 12-point font is used throughout the paper

  • Free of spelling, grammatical, and mechanical errors

  • Paper is submitted within the blog page template already created on the course website


Final Grade for Outline of a Research Proposal

Note that the total possible number of points is 100. The grade earned here counts for 50% of the total course grade.

*In a qualitative design, demonstrate your understanding of the corresponding concepts as appropriate for your method of inquiry.

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