Teaching as Scholarship in Medical Education adlt 673, Section 901 Spring 2014 Course Director

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Course Information: The course blog can be found at http://wp.vcu.edu/adlt673/. You will need to login with your VCU eID and password. Blackboard will be used for recording grades, and the blog link will also be available on our Blackboard site: https://blackboard.vcu.edu. When you login, look for the course name in your course menu.
Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in medical education. Faculty fellows will have an opportunity to design a scholarly project intended for publication or presentation using a current teaching situation.  We will use a five-step method to generate an idea for conducting medical education research that includes study design and methods for data collection and analysis.  The course examines basic paradigms associated with research in medical education, development of a suitable research question, use of the literature, and design principles for generating an IRB-approved study in medical education.  We will introduce the principles associated with quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods designs, but the course is not intended to be a full-fledged research methods course.  The course is one of four required, along with two electives, to earn the Post-Baccalaureate Graduate Certificate in Medical Education from the School of Education.

Required Texts

  1. Bishop-Clark, C. & Dietz-Uhler, B. (2012). Engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning. Sterling, VA: Stylus. (available online and at the Barnes and Noble on campus)

  1. Gurung, R. A. R., & Wilson, J. H. (Eds.). (2013, Winter). Doing the scholarship of teaching and learning: Measuring systematic changes to teaching and improvements in learning. New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 2013 (136). San Francisco, CA: Wiley (Available via the VCU libraries for chapter download or at Barnes and Noble on the MCV campus for purchase).

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