Teach Like a Champion 49 Techniques that Put Students on the Path to College

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Teach Like a Champion

49 Techniques that Put Students on the Path to College

Doug Lemov

Introduction: This book is about the tools of the teaching craft that prepares students for success. It describes what it takes to get from good teaching to great teaching. Based on observation of highly effective teachers, the author describes 49 techniques in a concrete, specific, and actionable way that allows teachers to begin using them in their classroom immediately. Do not focus only on what’s wrong within in your classroom instruction, but also on maximizing and leveraging strengths.

Great teaching is an art. Lemov says, “I’ve tried to write this book to help artisans be artists, not because I think the work of teaching can be mechanized or made formulaic.”

What makes classrooms good?

  • Teach Assess Standards - Great teachers plan objectives, then assessments, then activities. The teacher focuses on the goal – What exactly does she want her students to be able to do when the lesson is over?

  • Use Data - Great teachers not only examine the data to tell them who got what right and what wrong, but WHY. They have a process for turning results into reteaching.

  • Plan Higher-Level lessons – Not only do the most effective teachers plan their activities, often minute by minute, but they script their questions in advance and anticipate the wrong answers she will likely get and the follow-up questions she’ll ask.

  • Content and Rigor – using the content you teach to take all kids outside their own narrow band of experience is critical. This means challenging them with ideas outside their experience.

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