Taking the first steps

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Taking the first steps

A depression self-help pack for teenagers

*** introduction to pack***

Welcome to our depression self-help pack.

We have put together this pack in order to help people take the first steps towards overcoming depression. If you are reading this then you or someone who cares about you will have noticed that depression has become a problem for you. Depression may be getting in the way; it may be effecting different areas of your life for example school, home, friends etc. This pack has lots of ideas to help you make changes in your life which have been shown to have positive effects for beating depression and change the way people feel. There are several different ways you could approach this pack. You might find it helpful to read through everything and then pick out what you are going to change first and then give it a go, and then choose the second, third, fourth etc. Or you might find it helpful to go straight to the section that you are most interested in, read it, and give those ideas a go. You can do the thing that is most helpful for you.

Your parents or guardians will have also received a parent version of this pack. That means they have the same information as you do on how to tackle depression. That means that they can be there to support you. They can support you in many ways, practically and emotionally. This doesn’t mean you have to tell them everything about how you’re feeling. But it might be helpful to let them know the ideas that you are trying out. It might help to tell them how you get on. Was it helpful or unhelpful? Are there things you might try again? What would help it work better in the future? Your parents or guardian will really find it helpful to know what you are trying. And if you go to them first it means they don’t have to nag you to find out, which will probably be better for both of you!

How the pack is laid out

Part 1 explores “what is depression?” and looks at the symptoms of depression, the causes of depression, and putting this together in a diagram to look at what keeps depression going.

Part 2 explores things you can do to make yourself feel better, including; sleep, exercise, healthy eating, relaxation exercises and changing negative thinking.

Part 3 explores self-harm and suicide. This section looks at why people want to hurt or kill themselves and things you can do to keep yourself safe if you are experiencing thoughts about hurting or killing yourself.

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