Table of Contents Chair's Preface 1 I. Department Mission, Goals and Environment 2

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California State University,


Department of Psychology

Program Performance Review (PPR)
January 2014

Table of Contents

Chair's Preface 1

I. Department Mission, Goals and Environment 2

A. Mission and Goals 2

B. Changes and Trends in the Discipline 4

C. Priorities for Future 5

II. Department Description and Analysis 5

A. Substantial Curricular Changes 5

B. Structure of the Degree Program 7

C. Student Demand for Department Offerings 10

1. Enrollment 10

2. Retention, Graduation Rates, and Time to Degree 11

D. Enrollment Trends (FTES) 13

1. Undergraduate 13

2. Graduate 13

E. Planned Curricular Changes 14

III. Documentation of Student Academic Achievement
and Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes 14

A. Student Learning 15

B. Assessment Strategies 15

C. Change in Assessment 15

D. Modifications 15

E. Use of Assessment Findings 16

F. Quality Indicators 16

G. Assessment of Online Learning 16

IV. Faculty 17

A. Changes in Full-time FTEF 17

B. Priorities for Additional Faculty Hires 18

C. Roles of Part-time Faculty and Student Assistants 18

D. Staff 19

E. Personnel Review Process 20

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