Syllabus psy 140. 81 Introduction to Psychology Clyde LeTarte Center Fall, 2016 Dr. Walraven

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PSY 140.81 Introduction to Psychology

Clyde LeTarte Center

Fall, 2016

Dr. Walraven
Welcome to the fascinating study of scientific psychology! In this course you will learn a great deal about human behavior from the viewpoint of scientific inquiry. During class meetings, we will review the key elements of the reading assignments, discuss and clarify issues and the implications of various facts and findings, conduct our own scientific research, and plan definitive studies which would answer critical questions in our growing understanding of human behavior.
Goals: As a result of taking this course, you should be able to:

  1. Define psychology and explain how the focus of psychology is different from that of other social and biological sciences.

  2. Describe the major features of the scientific method and explain the steps and key considerations in research.

  3. Define basic psychological terminology and explain important features of major psychological concepts and theories.

  4. Identify leading contributors to the field of psychology and describe their work.

  5. Explain how biological, psychological, and social factors can affect behavior.

  6. Identify and describe specific psychological principles in real life situations.

  7. Critically analyze information about human behavior and distinguish between conclusions supported by scientific evidence and conclusions based on nonscientific ways of knowing.

  8. Recognize real-life situations that may require professional psychological help and know how to use community resources to find help when needed.

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