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EDP TA Application, Last Updated 07/04/2017

Application for Graduate Teaching Assistantship for Educational Psychology Classes

Return to: Dr. Sarah Kiefer, Educational Psychology Program Coordinator


Student Name: Date of Application:

Please indicate your program affiliation below:

Educational Measurement and Research

Educational Psychology

Exercise Science

Instructional Technology

School Psychology

Social Foundations

Please check one: In-State Tuition (Florida Resident) or Out-of-State Tuition
Which do you prefer? online teaching face-to-face lecture class

  1. Education: (Please list any degrees, dates, programs, and any degree that’s currently in progress and your specialization)

  1. The following questions help us determine whether a Teaching Assistantship in Educational Psychology is appropriate:

3a. Have you completed any courses in Child Development or Developmental Psychology?

At which institution(s)? ___________________ Check all that apply:

___ Undergraduate level course

___ Master’s level course

___ Doctoral level course
Please specify courses taken:

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