State Health Plan Behavioral Health Massachusetts Department of Public Health December 2014

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State Health Plan

Behavioral Health

Department of Public Health

December 2014
Health Planning Life Cycle
This graphic depicts a time span from October 2013 until July 2015. The timeline of work on the behavioral health plan is depicted, which ran from October 2013 until December 2014. The following steps are depicted:

  • October 2013: Council approval of service line

  • December 2013: Service maps

  • February 2014: RFI responses

  • March 2014: Service definitions; Outpatient/inpatient inventory; Need based on prevalence data; Additional service maps

  • May 2014: Inventory summary; RFI summary

  • July 2014: Regional capacity analysis; Inpatient utilization by payer/age

  • September 2014: Pre-Comment Draft; Additional maps developed; Recommendations and conclusions

  • October to November 2014: 3 hearings; Analysis of written comments and session feedback

  • December 2014: Final Plan, Incorporating all previous analysis, public and council comments. Council approval requested.

Directory: eohhs -> docs -> dph
dph -> Guide to Bullying Prevention
dph -> Cheryl bartlett, rn commissioner
dph -> Early Intervention Partnerships Program (eipp) Standards of Care Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Family Health and Nutrition Division of Perinatal, Early Childhood, & Special Health Needs June 2010
dph -> Introduction to Strengthening Families: An Effective Approach to Supporting Families
dph -> I. Rationale : bsas is committed to equality in treatment services regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Access to and quality of treatment services should not vary because of the individual’s gender
dph -> Chapter 1 Foster Cultural Competence Introduction
dph -> Massachusetts Department of Public Health Literature Review to inform
dph -> Type 1 diabetes cluster investigation: weston, wellesley and newton

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