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National Offender Management Service

Service Development Directorate

Suitability for Accredited Interventions

Risk, Need & Responsivity Targeting Criteria

For Offender Managers and Treatment Managers and HMPS Therapy Managers

Rehabilitation Services Group

Service Development Directorate

National Offender Management Service

June 2010


Introduction 4

Cognitive and Motivational Programmes 5

Violence Reduction Programmes 6

Sex Offender Programmes 6

Accredited Therapeutic Intervention 6

Accredited Substance Misuse Programmes 6

Introduction 3

Risk, Need and Responsivity 4

Cognitive and Motivational Programmes 4

Violence Reduction Programmes 5

Sex Offender Programmes 5

Accredited Therapeutic Interventions 5

Accredited Substance Misuse Programmes 5

Referral and Selection Processes 7

Offending Behaviour Programmes in the Community 7

Substance Misuse Programmes in the Community 8

Offending Behaviour Programmes in Custody 8

Substance Misuse Programmes in Custody 8

Stages of the Suitability Assessment 10

Risk Assessment 11

Need Assessment 13

Responsivity Assessment 14

Intellectual ability 14

Language 15

Literacy 16

Dyslexia 17

Mental and physical health 17

Current substance misuse 18

Psychopathic traits 20

Disability 21

Readiness Assessment 24

Motivation 24

Denial 25

Practical Considerations 27

Consent 27

Prioritising for Programmes 28

Repeating Programmes 29

Prisoners subject to deportation 29

Sequencing and Combining Interventions 30

Substance misuse and offending behaviour interventions 30

Cognitive and Motivational programmes and offence-focused interventions 31

Domestic violence and sexual offence combinations 31

Domestic violence and anger combinations 31

CALM or CSCP for violent offenders in prison? 32

When should I consider a therapeutic intervention? 33

Appendix A: Cognitive and Motivational Programmes 34

Focusing On Resettlement FOR (Custody) 36

Cognitive Skills Booster (CSB) (Community and Custody) 38

One to One Programme (Community) 39

Women’s Programme (Community) 40

(The Woman’s Acquisitive Crime Programme) 40

Appendix B: Sex Offender Treatment Programmes 41

N-SOGP, C-SOGP and TV-SOGP (Community) 45

Adapted SOTPs (Prison and Community) 47

i-SOTP (Community) 48

Appendix C: Violence Reduction Programmes 49

Chromis (Custody) 51

CARE (Custody) 53

CALM (Custody and Community) 55

Healthy Relationships Programme (HRP) 57

(Custody) 57

Community Domestic Violence Programme (CDVP) (Community) 58

Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme (IDAP) (Community) 60

ART (Community) 62

Appendix D: Accredited Therapeutic Interventions 64

Democratic Therapeutic Communities (DTCs) (Custody) 64

Appendix E: Substance Misuse Programme 67

Short Duration Programme (Custody) 67

P-ASRO (Custody) 68

Alcohol Related Violence (Custody) 69

RAPt – Alcohol Dependency Treatment Programme (Custody) 70

FOCUS (Custody) 71

Prison Partnership 12 Step Programme (Custody) 72

Rapt Substance Dependency Treatment Programme (Custody) 73

Prison Partnership Therapeutic Community Programme 74

Lower Intensity Alcohol Programme (Community) 75

Drink Impaired Drivers (Community) 77

ASRO and OSAP (community) 78

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