Social Media its Impact with Positive and Negative Aspects

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Positive Effect of Social Media on Business

Social Media helps to better understand their audience by their likes and dislikes [14].

It helps the business for promotional activities.

Social networking sites helps to make new customers by providing useful facilities.

Helps to enhance market insight and stretch out beyond your rivals with online networking [14].

It also helps to increase awareness among brands and reach with little to no budget [14].


Negative Effect of Social Media on Business

In business filed social media is not entirely risk free because many of the fans and followers are free to post their opinion on a particular organization, the negative comment can lead the organization to failure.

Many of the large organization have fallen victim to the hackers.

The wrong online brand strategy can doom a company, and put at a huge viral social disadvantage[15].

Getting involved with Social Media is very time consuming. As an organization you should assign a person to always bolster your pages and profile with significant substance [15].

Most companies have difficulty measuring the results of social media advertising

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