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School of Psychology, University of Sussex

Guidelines for Conducting Research with Children

Conducting research with children is both challenging and intellectually rewarding. There are also additional ethical and logistical considerations for conducting research with children. This document will help prepare you for these considerations before you begin conducting research with children.
Children are individuals under the age of 18 years. Specifically, according to the British Psychological Society Child Protection Position Paper, a child is any person who has not yet attained his or her 18th birthday, regardless of housing, employment or any other status. Children who have not yet attained their 16th birthday will require someone else (parent, headteacher in loco parentis) to consent to their participation in research (see, Item 4). All research conducted with children must follow the ethical guidelines of the British Psychological Society (more information can be found on Further, no research may be conducted with children without ethical approval from the Schools of Psychology and Life Sciences Cluster Research Ethics Committee (CREC).

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