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Experiential Group.


Class attendance is required. Any student missing more than 1/5 of the classes will not pass the course.




a. Weekly quizzes, based on the Gladding (2003) text, will be open book, take home.

IIK 6a-g


a. Students will each complete a paper, typed, in APA format.

b. Students will compare and contrast their cohort group, the class project group, their family of origin, and one other group to which they belong. .

c. Areas to be covered include:

  • Group Literature & Theories

(10-15 references)

  • Group Dynamics

(stage, roles, therapeutic

factors, process)

  • Group Types and Defense

  • Group Leadership and Members (Preparation, Credentials, Roles)

  • Group Methods, Activities, Resources

  • Group Evaluations

(Summative & Formative)

  • Group Ethics and Preparation Standards

c. Papers are due the 4th Friday night of class. No exceptions.

IIK 6a-g


a. Within the context of a self-selected group of 2, students will complete a 15 page paper.

b. Papers are to be typed, completed in APA format, and submitted to the professor in duplicate.

c. Potential topics and due dates, and specifics of the paper are detailed in separate handouts. Areas to be addressed will include:

  • Group Proposal

  • Group Literature & Theories; Dynamics

  • Group Type and Defense

  • Group Leadership and Members (Preparation, Selection, Credentials, Roles)

  • Group Methods, Activities, Resources

  • Group Evaluations

  • Group Ethics

  • Reference List

(15 articles)

  • On-Line and Community Resources (20)

(10 each)

d. The grade for the paper, based on the collective work of the group, is based on:

  • Content coverage

  • Number & type of citations

  • Organization and clarity

  • Creativity and thoroughness

IIK 6a-g

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