School Culture and the Moral Development of Children

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DOI: 10.7763/IPEDR. 2012. V. 23
School Culture and the Moral Development of Children
Maila Dinia Husni Rahiem
, Nur Surayyah Madhuba Abdullah
and Husni Rahim
3 1
University Putra Malaysia & State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta
University Putra Malaysia
State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta
Children do not develop in isolation. Their interactions with family, home, school, community and society play important role in their moral development. Children spend an incredible amount of time in school. School has a great impact on students moral development. School culture is the unwritten rules and assumptions, the combination of rituals and traditions, the array of symbols and artifacts, the language that is of the population of the schoolchildren develop confidence and a more positive attitude in a positive school culture. In contrast, in a toxic school culture, children start to develop negative behavioral traits.
School Culture, Moral Development, Children.

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