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Cognitive psychology is the study of the role of cognitive processes inhuman behaviour. Cognitivists study mental processes, such as perception, memory, attention, language and problem solving, in order to understand how we view, interpret and respond to our world. Cognitive psychologists investigate mental processes by examining people with cognitive impairments. By doing this, they are able to understand how damage affects processing ability. They also use experimentation and brain imaging to gather information about the nature and location of cognitive modules.
In this topic you will learn about the nature of human memory systems individual differences in memory and how memory changes with age the way in which experiments and case studies of brain-damaged patients are used to understand cognition, and the analysis of data a classic and contemporary study of human memory key issues around the topic of cognitive psychology that are of relevance to society today how to carryout a practical research exercise relevant to topics covered in cognitive psychology wider issues and debates in cognitive psychology (A level.
2.1 Content
Learning outcomes
In this section you will learn about theories of memory including the multi-store model of memory working memory as a theory of short-term memory the nature of semantic and episodic memory as different long-term memory stores reconstructive memory including schema theory.

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