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Raising Intercultural Awareness in preparation for periods of residence abroad
A review of current practice in UKHE

Simon Hall, St. Martin's College, Lancaster

Sylvie Toll, University of Central Lancashire

August 1999


This study considers the activity of Intercultural Awareness Raising (IAR) in the preparation of UK HE languages students for a period of residence abroad. It is informed by theory and research not only from the UK HE context, but also from other educational, sociological and business fields. These sources of current thinking provide a framework for a set of aims and objectives for good IAR practice in preparation for residence abroad. Having discussed and presented these aims and objectives, the study reviews the current state of IAR as practised in UK HE languages courses, identifying areas of strength and need for development. Current practice in other contexts is similarly reviewed. Given this background, the study highlights examples of good practice in IAR and considers possibilities for further development and improvement.

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