Review of Chapter 1

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AP Psychology Name: ______________________________________

Topic 1: History and Approaches, Review of Chapter 1

Part I Describe the major contribution(s) of each of the following famous names in psychology. When applicable, tie them to a psychological perspective.

Wilhelm Wundt: 1st Psych Lab, __________

introspection, structuralism _____________


Perspective Structuralism_______________

Sigmund Freud: Father of Psychoanalysis, id, ego, superego, defense mechanisms, unconscious, dream interpretation and analysis, manifest vs latent content, stages of development (oral, anal, phallic, latency, genital), free association, iceberg metaphor, fixation .

Perspective Psychoanalysis______________

John Watson: Classic Conditioning, Little Albert, advertising ____________________


Perspective Behaviorist_________________
William James: American Psychologist, First Psych Textbook, Functionalism, James Lange Theory of Emotion ______________

Perspective: Functionalism______________

B.F. Skinner Operant conditioning, operant chamber, schedules

of reinforcement, positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, primary reinforcement, secondary reinforcement, shaping, generalization, discrimination, extinction, theory of language development .

Perspective Behaviorist_________________

Jean Piaget Cognitive development, assimilation v. accommodation, sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operations, formal operations, schemas, conservation, object permanence, animism, hierarchical classification, abstract reasoning .

Perspective Cognitive/Developmental_____

Albert Bandura Social Learning, Bobo Doll, Observational Learning, Theory of Reciprocal Determinism a Socialcognitive theory of personality (internal mental events, external environmental, and behavior all interact reciprocally) Perspective Behaviorist/Cognitive________
G. Stanley Hall First president of the APA__


Perspective Developmental______________

Mary Whiton Calkins First Female President of the APA _________________________


Perspective Functionalism______________

Ivan Pavlov Classical Conditioning, Dogs, generalization, discrimination, extinction, stimulus, response, spontaneous recover, UCS, UCR, CS, CR, neutral stimulus, digestion research _____________________________________________________

Perspective Behaviorist_________________

Abraham Maslow Humanism, Hierarchy of Needs, Self Actualization, Self Esteem____


Perspective Humanistic_________________

Roger Sperry Nobel prize winner split brain research ____________________________


Perspective Biological/Neuroscience______

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