Research Report Assignment

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PSY 202: Developmental Psychology – ADOLESCENCE


  1. Choose your topic/ PAPER

    1. Described on the following 3 pages. CHOOSE ONE!!!

  1. Format for papers:

    1. Heading: The first page should include the following:

      1. Your name, date, A title (DO NOT INCLUDE A SEPARATE COVER PAGE)

      2. The Heading should occupy no more than three lines of the page. ;)

    2. Length: 3-5 pages double spaced. (Note: Papers must be at least 2- FULL, well-written pages to receive full credit.)

    3. Margins: 1 inch margins all around. (If you use Microsoft Word, be aware that the default margin is 1.25 inches. Change the margins to 1 inch using page set-up)

    4. Font: 12 point Times New Roman or Arial font.

    5. Source: Cite your sources.

    6. Specific information about content of the paper is provided in the description of the options.

  1. Due dates for the papers are listed in the syllabus. You will be given the option of modifying your paper to improve your grade.

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