Relationships between teacher characteristics, interpersonal teacher behaviour and teacher wellbeing

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Relationships between teacher characteristics, interpersonal teacher behaviour and teacher wellbeing

K. Van Petegem, B.P.M. Creemers, Y. Rosseel, A. Aelterman
Paper presented at the European Conference on Educational Research, University of Geneva, 13-15 September 2006

Drs. Karen Van Petegem

Ghent University

Department of Education

H. Dunantlaan 2

9000 Ghent, Belgium

tel. +32.09.2646259

fax. +32.09.2646480


The classroom as a microsystem is characterised by many interpersonal relationships. These relationships are perceived differently by the teacher than they are by the students. We want to examine the relationship between formal teacher characteristics, interpersonal teacher behaviour as perceived by the teacher and teacher wellbeing. We conclude that teacher gender has an influence on how he perceives his submitting-opposing interpersonal behaviour in the classroom. A second finding is that male teachers with children can be situated more near the cooperating pole of the interpersonal teacher behaviour typology. Thirdly, male teachers without job security and teachers without job security who have children perceive themselves more as leaders with helpful/friendly behaviour in comparison with their colleagues with job security. Fourthly, years of experience have an impact on teacher wellbeing. Finally, the wellbeing of teachers with a high score on the dominance-cooperating quadrant increases, whereas the wellbeing of teachers with a high score on the submission-opposition quadrant decreases.

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