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Journals or Newspapers Online

Standard format:

Author of the article. Article title. Serial title [content designator medium designator]. Edition. Date of publication [Date of update/Revision; Date of citation]; Volume Supplement/Part/Special Number to Volume (Issue Supplement/Part/Special Number to issue): Location/Extent. Availability of the article. Notes: .

Journal article online (.html from publisher’s Web site, with extent of article expressed in screens)

Morse SS. Factors in the emergence of infectious diseases. Emerg Infect Dis [serial on the Internet]. 1995 Jan-Mar [cited 1996 Jun 5];1(1);[about 24 screens]. Available from:

Journal article online with standard page numbers (.pdf from publisher’s Web site)

Raithatha N, Smith Rd. Paying for statins. BMJ [serial on the Internet]. 2004 [cited 2005 Oct 11];328:400-2. Available from
Journal article from an online journal database/aggregator

Jones RW, McCrone P, Guilhaume C. Cost effectiveness of memantine in Alzheimer’s

disease. Drugs Aging [serial on the Internet]. 2004 [cited 2005 Aug 23];21(9):607-20. Available from: EBSCOhost Research Databases/Academic Search Premier Subscription required.

Some Internet journal publishers use an article numbering scheme rather than pagination, or, in some cases, in place of volume, issue, and pagination. This may be as simple as the letter "e" for electronic before the number or the word “Article” before the number. Some of the PDFs of these articles have numbered pages, but the numbers are not part of the citation.

(.html from publisher’s Web site; document number of location/pagination

Boutin-Foster C. In spite of good intentions: patients' perspectives on problematic social support interactions. Health Qual Life Outcomes [serial on the Internet]. 2005 Sep 5 [cited 2007 Jan 5];3(1):Article 52 [about 12 screens]. Available from:

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