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Serials (Journals, Newspapers) Articles Online

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Serials (Journals, Newspapers) Articles Online

Serials on the Internet may be electronic versions of printed serials or may be created expressly for the Internet. An Internet version may be the equivalent of a print serial or it may differ, so it is important to cite the version you have actually viewed. If you viewed an article on the Internet, do not cite it as if it were a print one.

Use the phrase “serial on the Internet” in square brackets as the medium designator after the journal title and before the period. Provide the URL or other electronic address of the article. If you can find your article in PubMed, you can use that citation.
If you are citing an article from an online database/journal aggregator such as EBSCOhost, Lexis-Nexis, etc., follow the format under “Contribution to a database/Journal article from an online database.”
What has changed most with Internet journals, particularly those without print counterparts, is volume and issue information. Some publishers omit volume and issue numbers, substituting an article numbering scheme or using the date the item was placed on the Internet as an identifier. Many publishers also employ an article numbering scheme in place of pagination. Use the wording supplied by the publisher. This may be as simple as the letter "e" for electronic before the number. If no wording is supplied, only a number, precede the number with the word “Article.” Follow the wording used with the number and a space.

Calculate the extent of the article by the best means possible, such as the number of screens or the number of pages if printed out. If using an approximation, precede the number with the word "about" and place the count total and the measure used in square brackets (e.g. [about 5p.]). End with a period placed outside the closing bracket.

For newspaper articles, when pagination for the article is not provided, as often occurs, calculate the length of the article using the best means possible, e.g., in terms of print pages, screens, or paragraphs

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