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Databases/Retrieval Systems

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Databases/Retrieval Systems

A database is a collection of individual records that most often have been standardized as to both format and content. The records in a database are usually related by a common denominator such as subject matter or the source or the material included in them. Databases on the Internet may have corresponding versions in other formats such as print and may be fixed in time or updated. Updates or other revisions are not always apparent.

A retrieval system provides access to the contents of multiple databases or files, usually providing a common search mechanism. Users may select an individual database or search all databases in one operation. Updates and revisions may be labeled as new versions, releases, or editions.

Standard format:

Author(s). Title [Content Designator Medium Designator]. Edition. Place of publication: Publisher. Date of publication [Date of Update/Revision; Date of citation]. Extent. (Series). Availability. Notes.

Whole Database

Clinical pharmacology [database on the Internet]. Tampa, FL: Gold Standard Multimedia, Inc. c2004-2005 [cited 2004 July 15]. Available from: Subscription required.

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