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House or Senate Hearing or Report

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House or Senate Hearing or Report

Standard format:

Title of hearing or report, session, printer’s number.

House or Senate Hearing or Report


Report of the Committee of Conference on House Bill No. 1168, entitled: an act to consolidate, editorially revised, and codify the public welfare laws of the Commonwealth. General Assembly of Pennsylvania, Session of 2005. Printer’s No. 2560.

Long-term care for the elderly in Pennsylvania, conducted pursuant to House Resolution 618 of 2004, Report from the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee. The General Assembly of Pennsylvania Session of 2005. Available at: [Cited 2006 Aug 15].

Non-Print Resources (Audiovisuals)

Title: Capitalize only the first word and proper nouns.

Author: The surname is given first, followed by up to two initials. Give all authors/editors, regardless of the number. Organizations may also serve as authors. If a division or other part of the organization appears, it is listed with the organization in hierarchical order from highest to lowest, as “National Library of Medicine (US), Public Services Division.” If an organization serves as both author and publisher, the name generally is omitted her as author. If no person or organization with responsibility for the publication can be determined, this element is omitted; do not use “anonymous.”
Format: The format of the audiovisual, identified according to established practice, as “audiocassette,” “slides,” “videocassette,” etc., is placed in brackets after the title.
Edition: Convert edition number to Arabic numbers, as Second Edition to “2nd ed.” Words may also be used to express edition, as “New rev. ed.” or “American ed.”
Place of publication: The city where published; followed by the state or country if needed for clarification, as “Rome, NY.” Names of States/countries may be abbreviated according to accepted standards. If more than one location appears, the more prominent or the first appearing is used. If no place is found in the book but can be reasonable inferred (e.g., Cambridge, MA as the place of publication of an item produced by Harvard University), place the name in brackets. If no place can be determined, the words “place unknown” are given in brackets.
Publisher: The firm or organization responsible for issuing the publication. If a division or other part of the organization appears, it is listed with the organization in hierarchical order from highest to lowest, as “University of Pennsylvania, Institute of Health Economics.” A publisher’s name may be given in a shortened form, as “Wiley” for “John Wiley & Sons.” Common words such as Company and University may be abbreviated. If the organizations is both author and publisher, the name used for the publisher may be abbreviated; e.g., “The University” or “The Association.” If no publisher can be identified, the words “publisher unknown” are placed in brackets.
Physical description: Information about the number and type of physical items may be included: e.g., the run time (i.e., total time in minutes) for videocassettes and motion pictures, if sound is present, whether produced in black and white or color, and other items of physical description.
Series: The series name appears surrounded by parentheses. The name is followed by the volume and/or number if present, given in Arabic numbers. Capitalize only the first word and proper nouns, as “Clinical topics in dermatology; no.5.)
Accompanying material: Information about any items accompanying the audiovisual, such as printed guides, may be included. These are preceded by the words, “Accompanied by:” as “Accompanied by: 1 guide, 6 p.”

Standard format:

Title [format]. Author. Place of publication: Publisher; Date of publication. Physical description. (series). Accompanying material.



Techniques in couples group psychotherapy [videocassette]. Coche J. New York: Brunner/Mazel;

1990. 1 videocassette: 49 min., sound, color, ½ in. Accompanied by: 1 guide.
American Geriatrics Society. Examining the older adult [videocassette]. New York: The Society;



Pediatric surgery [slides]. Anderson, KD. Chicago: American College of

Surgeons; 1989. 177 slides: color, 2 x 2 in. (Postgraduate course; 9)

Accompanied by: 1 guide.

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