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Business Case Development Fact Sheet - Workplace Health and Wellbeing Programs

Purpose of this document:

There are two levels at which you may be required to develop a business case or persuade senior management to support the workplace health promotion (WHP) concept. The first level is ‘selling’ the concept of WHP to senior leadership through the introduction of a health and wellbeing program. The second level is obtaining management and/or senior leadership support for specific strategies within the larger health and wellbeing program. For example, if through a needs assessment process workplace stress was identified as a major issue, then a targeted strategy may need to be resourced and developed.
This fact sheet is designed for use when developing a business case for the introduction of a health and wellbeing program. In order to secure management support and stakeholder engagement your business case must demonstrate a sound rationale for a workplace health and wellbeing program. Evidence can be presented that shows the costs and negative impact of workplace health problems on the organisation and employees, as well as the potential gains that come from health and wellbeing programs. This fact sheet contains definitions and facts and figures about health and wellbeing that aim to help you construct a business case. Where possible Australian studies have been cited so that the information is relevant to your workplace.

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