Psychology 1b paper Assignment (Pass out first day of class)

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Ms. Peterson

Psychology 1B

Paper Assignment Grading Rubric

The papers are an opportunity for you to reflect upon the material more deeply and share how it relates to your life. These are reflection papers and because we are studying Psychology, you must feel comfortable or be willing to explore your interior and write about yourself. Unlike English courses, where instructors often say to write in third person, for these reflection papers, I would like you to use “I” when referring to yourself. Also, provide personal examples to back up your points, instead of simply making a blanket statement. For these papers, we are going for depth and quality of self-awareness.

Paper Length and Format

Approximately 2 pages, 12 point font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins. Along with paper content, grammar, spelling, and paper format will affect your grade. PLEASE WRITE PAPERS IN ESSAY FORMAT; DO NOT INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS. LATE PAPERS WILL RECEIVE A MAXIMUM SCORE OF 30 (LETTER D- GRADE).

Here is a Grading Rubric, which provides some guidelines of how points are distributed.
Grading of Papers:

50 points – Outstanding paper. Includes introductory paragraph with topic sentence. Specify article’s name and author, or psychologist from text, or film title. Spelling and grammar are error-free. Page format matches assignment. Address every question in assignment. Mention relevance of topic to your own life. Ideas well thought out and expressed clearly on to paper. Demonstrate emotional and intellectual contemplation. Have a conclusion that summarizes introduction and body paragraphs.*

45 points – Still clearly written paper and follows most of what is written above*, but has minimal grammar, spelling and page set up errors.

40 points – Overall strong paper. Ideas thought out and expressed well with some need of further clarity and expression. Some possible grammar, spelling and page set up errors.

35 points- Writing could be better organized and show deeper understanding of material and application to personal life. May not answer each question thoroughly. May not introduce author’s name or article title. Possible frequent grammar, spelling, and page set up errors.

30 points- Does not fulfill assignment adequately.

0 points- Does not address assignment.

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