Psychology 160 Social Psychology Fall, 2012 Instructor: Paul Zarnoth Office: Brousseau 110 Phone

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Social Psychology

Fall, 2012

Instructor: Paul Zarnoth

Office: Brousseau 110

Phone: 631-4417 (office)

798-1179 (home - for emergencies)


Class Time: 10:20 - 11:20 MWF

Office Hours: Mon 1:00 B 3:00

Wed 1:15 - 2:15

Thur 10:00 B 12:00

(Or simply stop by my office to see if I am available.)

Course Description:
Welcome to Social Psychology. This exciting field studies individual behavior and thought in social settings. Humans are social animals. We spend much of our lives involved in, thinking about, and preparing for social interactions. As a result, the field of Social Psychology is extremely broad and diverse. We will examine human activity that takes place in such locations as the workplace, courtrooms, classrooms, and the home.
This course has two goals. First, I hope to provide an intensive overview of many of the most researched areas within Social Psychology. (See the tentative outline at the end of the syllabus for a list of these topic areas.) Second, we will explore and critically evaluate specific theory and research found within the field. Although much of the existing research has been conducted in the United States and Western Europe, we will embrace a cross-cultural approach by exploring how social behavior differs and how it is consistent across a variety of societies around the globe.

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